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CISCO 7912G - VoIP Phone

  • The Cisco IP Phone 7912G contains an integrated Ethernet switch, this provides Local Area Network connections to co-located PC's. the Cisco IP Phone 7912G has in-line power, allowing it to take power over the LAN, giving the network administrator central control over power to the phones on the LAN. All the above features bring the cabling needs to a single wire to the desktop

  • Pixel-based display.

  • Soft keys (4) present calling options to the user.

  • The scroll toggle bar allows easy menu navigation.

  • "Menu" key.

  • Retrieval of voice-mail messages.

  • Display missed calls, outgoing calls and incoming calls.

  • User set preferences such as ring types and display contrast.

  • "Hold" key Visual indication of a call on hold.

  • A volume-control.

  • Hearing-aid compatible (meets American Disabilities Act [ADA] requirements).

  • Fixed foot stand for optimum display. The foot stand is removable.

  • XML Applications to the display.

User Manual: [PDF]

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