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Frequently asked questions








What is VoIP?

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, refers to the diffusion of voice traffic over the Internet. The Internet protocol was original designed as a network to transmit data, and due to its great success was adapted as a voice network.

The transmission of voice over IP may facilitate many processes and services that are usually very difficult and costly to implement using the traditional voice network PSTN.




Is VoIP telephony a great choice for my company?

All persons and companies, large and small corporations that make frequent long distance calls may see actual savings (65%-70%) in their telephone expenses, since by having an Internet connection their volume of calls may be re-routed using the VoIP system, ensuring seamless communications.




What is included in my VoIP services?

Your services include:
• USA numbers
• Unlimited calls to the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico
• Unlimited incoming calls
• Conference calls
• Call transfer to other VoIP or regular lines both local and international (international calls will be charged in accordance with the price list)
• Receipt of voice messages in your electronic mail.
• Follow me Service (the call rings on the VoIP, then after a certain number of rings, the call will automatically re-route to the telephone number you have selected)
• Wait music




May I use conventional telephone equipment for this service?

Yes, any standard telephone will operate with VoIP





How can I connect a conventional telephone to my VoIP services?

You may do so by connecting the equipment through an ATA (Digital signal converter to Analog signal.) This device must be connected to your home or office Internet service, the device has two ports for connecting regular telephones there being two totally different lines 55-22-22 and ports two 55-22-23. These devices allow more lines in accordance with your needs.






What is a SoftPhone?

A softphone (combination of software and telephone) is a software that simulates a conventional telephone in the computer. Allows use of the computer to make local or international calls using the Univox Technology platform.




In the event of a trip, may the telephone, ATA or Softphone be relocated?

Yes, you may move the telephone or ATA wherever you wish, but you must have an Internet
connection to access your telephone service.


  Grandstream HT502




May I install a softphone in my cellular?

Yes, you may install a softphone in your cellular iPhone, Nokia E71, or smart phone; install the softphone software, configure your line obtained by Univox Technology and you may make your national and international calls through your cellular wi-fi at low prices.





What happens if my Internet does not work?

Our platform detects when your service disconnects from Internet and automatically re-routes all your incoming calls to the telephones or cellular phones configured at the time your service was implemented.

Once your Internet service is up again your VoIP service will be automatically reestablished.





Is it possible to make calls to anywhere in the world?

Yes, calls may be made to any destination and are charged by the minute at the pertinent rates, in accordance with the country to where the call is being made.





Will there be a surcharge for calls made between my extensions provided by Univox Technology?

No, calls made between the extensions on your account will not incur additional charges, these are included in your fixed monthly rate, regardless whether your extensions are installed in different zones, cities or countries.
For information on the specific rates consult with our sales representative






May I review the calls I have made?

Yes, you may access your network portal where you may review your calls, destinations, costs per minute and amount consumed.





May I make conference calls?

Yes, your telephone has an option to make conference calls between extensions or between extensions and regular numbers, both local and international.





May I re-route incoming calls from my VoIP Univox services?  

Yes, you may re-route your incoming calls wherever you wish, local, cellular or international numbers.





May I integrate my VoIP Univox to a regular PBX?

Yes, The Univox Technology services are integrally compatible with regular Analog or Digital exchanges; your telephone technician must determine whether your exchange has trunk ports available.





How do I know how many VoIP telephones I may connect simultaneously in my office?

The number of telephones depends on the bandwidth. This table shows how much bandwidth is consumed depending on the number of VoIP telephones connected in your office.